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Bucheki is a small town situated in the Punjab. It is located about 80km west of the famous city of Lahore and 15km south of Nankana Sahib (the birth place of Guru Nanak Sahib). Nankana Sahib has recently been made a district which has boosted the importance of the town of Bucheki.

The thing that makes Bucheki famous is its very well established grain market. The grain market is in full swing during the harvesting seasons of wheat (May - June) and rice (October - November). This is the time when one can see large crowds in the town and a lot of trucks loaded with the crops some coming in and some going out.

The town has a main bazaar which has most of merchants located on both sides starting from book stores to jewelry shops. It also has the famous "Nala Daik" passing right through the middle.

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